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Covid-19 – What’s Your Protection?

Covid-19 stories are all a little scary at the moment so what we are aiming to do is to show you how we are working to protect you and your wedding cake or celebration cake orders.

In support of the governments policy and the NHS we are currently closed and not accepting any cake orders at the moment. However, what this means is that you can assured that when we accept a cake order from you, we will do everything physically possible by ourselves to ensure that we bake, create and deliver your wedding cake or celebration cake for you just as you want it to be.

There are two parts to our strategy, one is if you need to postpone or cancel a cake what is your position with us, and the other part is what if we cannot make your cake due to Covid-19 what would happen?

Protection 1 – You need to postpone or cancel your wedding cake or celebration cake

If you need to consider postponing your wedding cake or celebration cake then this is the easiest for us to deal with as we are willing to postpone your cake for a year with no additional cost to yourself.  We will forward your cake to your new date and provide you with new paperwork to confirm this.  Then as per our current protocol we will contact you 6 weeks before your new date to double check the details of the cake and delivery with you and confirm all the arrangements so that you know we completely remember all the little details.  If however, you need to cancel a cake then your deposit may be subject to the terms and conditions that you have previously been provided with.

Protection 2 – We cannot make your cake due to Covid-19

As we can’t predict the future and ensure that we won’t be affected by illness at sometime, we have set up a collaboration with local cake makers to provide us with back-up so that we can ensure that there is someone to make and provide your special cake even if the worst has happened to us.

If we cannot physically make and deliver your cake we will contact one of the cake makers above and discuss your cake with them and secure their availability to make a cake for you as close as possible in the style we were going to create.  (This is why we have collaborated with a few different local cake makers as we wanted to ensure that we had the best person for each individual style of cake.)

DON’T PANIC THOUGH, our first port of call would be with you so that you are fully aware that we will have to outsource your cake and we will discuss our chosen option with you and request your permission to proceed with the outsource.

 We will provide the selected cake maker with notes on all our discussions with you and pictures or sketches of the cake you want, along with any items we have already made or are holding for you.  We will provide them with your name, date, venue and a contact telephone number for yourself but no other details so that they have the relevant information they need to make and deliver your cake but no personal data about yourself, that stays safely with us.

  You also don’t need to worry about any additional payments, you won’t need to pay an extra penny, we will arrange the financials with the cake maker at no additional cost to yourself.  However, you can be assured that you will have your wedding cake or celebration cake delivered as close in style as possible to your venue at the right time for your special occasion.

Hopefully this information will help put your mind at rest in case something needs to change for you and please be assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that we help and support you in anyway we can as we all need that little ‘comfort blanket’ at the moment.

Does my wedding insurance cover me for Covid-19?

Please check your policy as some may not cover you for government regulations.

What happens if my wedding supplier goes bankrupt?

If you have wedding insurance you may be covered but it depends on your policy and the suppliers company.

What happens if the Bride and Groom are in self-isolation?

If you have wedding insurance check your policy to see your entitlement, if not contact the suppliers directly as soon as possible to come to an arrangement.

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