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World Record Breaking Cake

well maybe not quite world record breaking … but it was for us!!

When Homerton College contacted us with their mission for a massive 1 metre square corporate cake we instantly reacted and knew this was something we could get our teeth into.

To celebrate 10 years of their Royal Charter we delivered the following epically sized cake which took over 140 eggs, 12 kilos of sugar, flour and butter and the result was the following

large cake, Homerton College, Royal Charter

But it didn’t start there.. it started off with 9 precisely measured and perfectly baked Victoria sponges carefully placed together to create a military precision 1 x 1 metre square which already weighed over 25kg.  At this stage we realised it was becoming a monster to handle requiring it’s own custom made cake board.

Once we had the monster tamed, the next stage was to add the initial buttercream layer to smooth out the surface to prepare it ready for the final perfect icing coat

At this point Graham was very pleased to think he could hand this over to Rachel for the final icing and decoration. However, due to the very large size of this cake he was needed to help with the icing base as trying to contain the sugarpaste when it was rolled out required almost super human ability.

After the final layer of icing the next stage was to perfectly place the hand-crafted Royal Charter logo in the centre of the bespoke cake. The entire logo took over 8 hours to create from individual pieces of sugarcraft using royal icing floodwork skills alongside cut-out sugarcraft pieces.

Next came the piped royal icing to decorate the whole of the top and bottom edges of the giant cake along with some decorative touches on the corners.

As this wasn’t a multi-tier cake we were able to take a steady drive to the college where their porters helped us carry our precious cargo to it’s final destination at Homerton College. Job done very happy clients and team breathed a sign of relief and headed back for the next world record breaking job.

Photography by Juan Muino Photography

What is the biggest cake in the UK?

The biggest cake made in the UK was made in Dorset and weighed 50 stone. In comparison our cake weighed just 8 1/2 stone or the equivalent to one small adult

How much would a large cake cost?

Cake costs are dictated by materials and by the time needed to make the cake. Therefore a larger cake can cost substantially more than typical small or average cake.

What size cake do I need?

Depending on how many people you have we recommend a minimum size of an 8″ cake per 10 people.

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